The first thing a visitor to Digital Lumens sees when they enter the office is a long row of bikes lined up in a bike rack – a testament to what many of our employees have discovered, that bikes are the best way to get around Boston. With the right equipment, clothing, and attitude bikes can be faster, more reliable and more comfortable than driving a car or taking the T (not to mention less expensive and healthier). We take pride in encouraging and nurturing our bike riders.

We’ve blogged about bike culture at Digital Lumens in the past. As a new year gets under way and bike season slows down it’s a great opportunity to look back at our accomplishments for the past year, and start dreaming about where the roads will take us this year.

  • For the year DL bike commuters clocked in over 30,000 miles to and from work. More than enough to circle the globe, stopping in to visit DL installations in 45 countries along the way.
  • DL’s informal Strava group logged an additional 25,000 miles for the year, mostly recreational riding. Many more unlogged miles were certainly ridden.
  • DL kicked off the bike season in May by celebrating Bay State Bike Week with bike breakfasts, a lunchtime bike ride, and a beer bash with door prizes. Five bike caravans were run from suburban points around Boston, introducing new riders to the ins and outs of bike commuting.
  • Coincident with Bike Week was the MassCommute Bicycle Challenge. DL riders logged over 3,000 miles, winning the challenge for the second year in a row. Over half of the company rode their bikes that week.
  • DL’s Bike Czar won the MassCommute “Grease the Wheels” award for “the participant who does the most to help other cyclists or uses cycling to help the greater good.”
  • June saw the traditional bike posse to the Jimmy Fund Scooper Bowl to see who could eat the most ice cream. As usual interns carried the day.
  • Bike lunches continue to be popular, re-visiting old favorites and discovering new neighbors (plus a cooling dip in Boston Harbor).
  • In-office bike tools, spare parts, advice and opinions are highly utilized. Several DL’ers attend a bike repair clinic hosted by Seaport TMA.
  • In August Keith C. raced in the famous Paris-Brest-Paris randonnée. Fueled by red wine, cheese and baguettes he completed the 1,200 km ride in just over 80 hours.
  • DL bike jerseys become a common sight in New England’s cyclocross scene. A dozen DL’ers competed in the Night Weasels race. None were eaten by weasels.
  • The office showers prove to be critical infrastructure. Plumbing problems that forced temporary shower closure raised a hue and cry.
  • 57 DL’ers take advantage of Boston’s Hubway bike share program, taking 2,180 trips for the year.
  • In-office bike racks expand to 37 slots. On nice days they are often completely full.
  • DL earns a “Gold-Level” Bicycle Friendly Business Award from the City of Boston.

So where to next? 2016 is shaping up to be a year of advocacy, at the local, state and national levels. Look for DL to add it’s voice to the conversation, pushing to make our streets safer and more accommodating for all users. And keep an eye out for those DL jerseys, a sure sign we’re out riding our bikes and having fun.

Ride on!

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