This week marked not only the beginning of nice weather in Boston, but also Bay State Bike Week, when people across the state organize bike-centric events to raise awareness about the many benefits that accompany two-wheeled transportation.

As part of our participation in the MassCommute 2016 Bicycle Challenge, Digital Lumens employees organized teams and created four routes — from the north, south, east and west — to our office in Boston’s Seaport District, along with a separate lunchtime trek to Boston’s famous Castle Island.

The team has collectively pedaled over 2,800 miles so far (that’s more than the length of nearly 8.7 million of our new CLE fixtures), and there’s still plenty of time left to surpass last year’s record of 3,910 miles before the June 1 Bike Bash.

For more details about MassCommute’s Bicycle Challenge, click here.

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