Increase energy savings, efficiency, and operational insight by instrumenting your warehouse with intelligent LED lighting and smart sensor-based Industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions.

How Can Your Warehouse Improve?

An industrial warehouse is a critical operational hub, full of people, machinery, and processes. There is opportunity to realize improvement and new value across all of these areas through energy efficiency, layout optimization, streamlined processes, and the automation of manual tasks. Digital Lumens’ intelligent LEDs fixtures, lighting controls, and SiteWorx Industrial IoT applications can help facility managers, or anyone involved in warehouse operations, run a more efficient, more profitable business.


The IIoT Starts with Intelligent Lighting

Through intelligent LED fixtures, Digital Lighting Agents (DLAs), and SiteWorx Tune, Digital Lumens’ industry-leading lighting controls help warehouses across the globe achieve up to 90% in lighting energy savings. Every Digital Lumens-equipped environment is also immediately instrumented with SiteWorx and the ability to deploy additional smart sensors and customized IIoT solutions as your business grows.



Expanded Insight & Control

With SiteWorx, facilities become a source of actionable data and facility managers are equipped with new insights and advanced controls that can help reduce energy spend, mitigate risks to product quality, better allocate production costs, and streamline workflows.

  • Reduce energy costs through advanced lighting control strategies such as task tuning, progressive dimming, and daylight harvesting
  • Ensure and verify product quality and production integrity through automatic environmental monitoring
  • Allocate utility costs to specific production lines with automated power metering
  • Easily monitor conditions and occupancy in less-frequented auxiliary spaces


Digital Lumens’ Industrial IoT solutions deliver energy savings, unlock operational insight, and create new value streams. How can SiteWorx help your facility be more productive?


Intelligent LED lighting control.

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Facility and process monitoring.

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Space optimization.

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Intelligent LED Fixtures

Fully-integrated and wirelessly networked fixtures are the most energy efficient LED lighting solution, and feature Digital Lumens’ signature control and intelligence.

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Lighting Controls

Standalone lighting controls bring Digital Lumens’ signature intelligence to virtually any interior fixture, delivering unprecedented control and operational insight.

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SiteWorx Devices

Industrial smart sensors that enable environmental monitoring, machine-level power metering, unprecedented insight into previously invisible spaces across your facility, and more.

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Resource Center: Industrial IoT Insights

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