Transportation Lighting

For decades, getting the right amount of light to critical surfaces has posed significant challenges for transportation facilities. Large, wide open spaces, high ceilings, and frequent reconfiguration of workspace tax traditional high bay lighting, resulting in high energy costs that strain facility budgets, frequent re-lamping, and sub-optimal illumination levels.

Industry-Leading Controls and Intelligence

With clean, high-quality light, and controllable light levels, the Digital Lumens Intelligent LED Lighting System solves these challenges and enables staff to work safely and efficiently. By placing the right amount of light exactly where it needs to go, the System eliminates the need to over-light transportation facilities, the primary cause of unwanted glare and a significant source of wasted energy. When combined with the ability to automatically dim or turn off fixtures in response to daylight (skylights, open hangar doors) and other task-tuning controls, the Digital Lumens System delivers truly extraordinary savings and rapid project payback.

Intelligent Lighting System Features

  • Dramatically less energy use than traditional high bay lighting solutions — up to 90% less — while providing excellent light levels
  • Instant-on without warm-up times for light when and where it is needed
  • Integrated occupancy and daylight harvesting sensors in every fixture to drive maximum energy savings
  • Full-range dimming on a fixture-by-fixture basis for maximum control, savings, and safety
  • Optics options for diverse environments with open spaces, work spaces, racked aisles, and pick aisles
  • Detailed lighting system energy measurement and reporting for easy assessment of system use, ongoing facility optimization, and utility measurement and verification
  • No re-lamping and/or mercury disposal costs associated with HIF fixtures
  • DLC qualification and UL listing
  • Reported TM-21 lifetime of 103,000 hours for high bay fixtures and 60,000 hours for linear fixtures
  • 10-year warranty on the complete fixture
  • LightRules® lighting and energy management software for complete control over lighting settings, comprehensive reporting, and unmatched operational insight

If you’re considering a retrofit of your existing HID or HIF high bay fixtures, or specifying lighting for a new facility, the Digital Lumens Intelligent LED Lighting System delivers unmatched savings, complete flexibility, and proven value.