Sports Facilities

Smart buildings make smart business. Discover how Digital Lumens can transform your sports facility.

Welcome to the smart sports facility.

With high ceilings, changing usage patterns, and large, open spaces, sports facilities present ideal opportunities to improve energy efficiency and introduce building intelligence. Proven in millions of square feet around the world, Digital Lumens’ flexible IoT system starts with connected LED lighting and is easily expanded through additional sensors to provide the insights you need to improve efficiency, productivity, and safety across your entire facility or enterprise.

It starts with smart lighting.

Above all else, sports facilities need the right amount of light to ensure safety and to support athletic activities, and have traditionally been expensive to illuminate — without the tools to match lighting to facility use. No longer. Energy efficient, maintenance-free intelligent LED lighting systems are completely changing what is possible in sports facility lighting, and our intelligent LEDs can save up to 90% in energy costs versus traditional recreational lighting solutions, maintain excellent light levels, and create a powerful and perfectly-spaced network through which you can introduce new IoT and building intelligence initiatives.

Expanded insight through intelligence overhead.

Digital Lumens’ smart building solutions offer a unique, facility-wide perspective. With SiteWorx, you can easily outfit your gymnasium, stadium, aquatic facility, or field house with an expanded, sensor-based IoT network that provides unprecedented business intelligence and powerful insight into energy, environmental, and occupancy trends, plus the control you need to create a more productive, efficient, and safe facility.

We believe that every environment can be smarter, safer, and more productive. Explore our applications for the solution that best suits your site.


Intelligent LED lighting controls and management.

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Environmental sensing for temperature and humidity.

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Create zones and alerts to protect your facility and assets.

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Intelligent LED Fixtures

Fully-integrated and wirelessly networked fixtures are the most energy efficient LED lighting solution, and feature Digital Lumens’ signature control and intelligence.

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Lighting Controls

Standalone lighting controls bring Digital Lumens’ signature intelligence to virtually any interior fixture, delivering unprecedented control and operational insight.

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