The Digital Lumens Intelligent Lighting System is the high bay LED lighting solution of choice in the world’s most rugged industrial lighting environments — leading warehouses, manufacturing, cold storage, distribution centers and other industrial facilities — because it delivers the greatest energy savings and the best total cost of ownership (TCO). Up to 90% lighting energy savings vs. conventional lighting.

Deployment-proven in retrofits and new construction, the Digital Lumens System drives annual lighting energy costs down to 3.5 ¢ per square foot per year (or lower) while dramatically improving functionality over other lighting alternatives.

Why does Savings matter?

When choosing industrial LED lighting, you want the best solution from a reliable company with deep experience. You also want the best performance, results and value. Digital Lumens delivers on all counts because the System is built to maximize efficiency, flexibility, and reliability. And the dividend is Savings.

Cumulative energy savings over the usable lifetime of the lighting system are the most important factor in a lighting system purchase — after ensuring the lighting quality will meet your needs. Because while the purchase price is a one-time event, the monthly energy expenses accumulate over time, necessitating that you evaluate a project’s expected return on investment (ROI), payback timeframe, and TCO. With energy costs only expected to rise in the years ahead, reducing lighting energy use is key to locking in big savings.

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