Cold Storage Lighting

For decades, facility lighting has remained one of the cold storage industry’s most significant challenges. Traditional HID and HIF lighting fixtures — the main industrial lighting choices for decades — have never performed well in refrigerated environments. They consume too much energy, generate too much heat, and cost too much to maintain.

That’s why record numbers of cold storage facilities are turning to Digital Lumens’ Intelligent Lighting System. It offers consistent performance and durability in all temperature environments; can be frequently cycled on/off without impacting the longevity of the lamp source or fixture; instantly returns to full intensity when activated, even in -40F chillers; and generates minimal heat, significantly reducing refrigeration loads. This enables cold storage facilities to dramatically reduce lighting-related energy usage, with no re-lamping or re-ballasting required.

Purpose-built to deliver maximum light and efficiency, the Digital Lumens Intelligent Lighting System features smart LED-based fixtures that are wirelessly networked and centrally managed, and deliver light where and when needed. By turning lights on when there is activity in the area and off or dimmed when not occupied, the system is proven to save up to 90% in lighting energy in cold storage lighting environments. And that doesn’t include the potential refrigeration savings.

Intelligence is the Key to Savings

Available in 13,000-, 18,000-, and 26,000-lumen versions, the Digital Lumens LED high bay fixtures are one-for-one replacements of T5 and T8 fluorescents, and 400W/1,000W HIDs. Exceptionally effective in cold environments (as low as -40 F/C), the System is proven in hundreds of customer deployments to:

  • Use dramatically less energy than traditional cold storage lighting solutions, while providing excellent light levels.
  • Provide light precisely when and where needed.
  • Offer full range dimming on a fixture-by-fixture basis for maximum control and safety (e.g., nightlight settings in cross-aisles and back corners for safety and security purposes), and even greater energy savings.
  • Provide optics choices that either distribute light evenly across open spaces and work levels, or concentrate light in racked aisles.
  • Provide detailed lighting system metrics for easy reporting on system use for ongoing facility optimization, and for utility measurement and verification.
  • Eliminate re-lamping and/or mercury disposal costs associated with HIF fixtures.
  • Carries full UL listing on the entire fixture, a 5-year warranty on the complete system, and has a rated lifetime of 200,000 hours of on time.

If you’re considering a retrofit of your existing HID or HIF fixtures, or specifying lighting for a new facility, consider our ultra-efficient LED high bay lighting solutions. With integrated intelligence, the Digital Lumens Intelligent Lighting System is more than a retrofit. It’s a major upgrade that delivers unmatched savings, complete flexibility, and proven value.